The Very Happy Birthday flight with Cathay Pacific – December 19, 2018
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What you’ll see in my flight review

  • Priority Check-in service
  • British Airways Lounge (Briefly)
  • Boarding
  • Cabin Introduction
  • Meal Service – Supper, Snacks, and Breakfast
  • Take off and landing shots
  • Inflight shots
  • Birthday Celebrations

Flight Information

Airline:Cathay Pacific
Travel Class:Business
Aircraft:Boeing 777-300ER (B-KPJ)
Configurations:F6 / J53 / W34 / Y182 = 275
Loadings:F3 / J53 / W33 / Y181 = 270
Gate Departure:03:29 (Scheduled 01:30)
Gate Arrival:07:59 (Scheduled 06:00)
Scheduled Flight time:15 hours, 30 minutes
Actual Flight time:15 hours, 2 minutes
Captain:Bruno, Ming
Inflight Service Manager:Mainne
Senior Pursers:Cindy, Vanessa
Flight Pursers:Samson, Karie, Cecil
Flight Attendants:Sasha, Sarah, Kalmarooa

Meet with advisors

On Tuesday evening, Julia and Shelby wished me to have a very safe flight. Then, I carried my birthday card to read on board, having cards from others help me to feel safe on my flight.

Bus trip to Boston

I departed CIP Berkshire at 4:15 pm and Julia took me to Lee Outlets and waited for the bus to Boston. As I arrived at South Station Bus Terminal at 7:15 pm, I waited for my relative to help me finish packing up my bags.

Check-in counters at Logan Airport

I arrived at Logan Airport at 10:00 pm only to find out that my flight had been delayed two hours. Next, I checked in and printed my boarding pass.

Departure Gates

It was my birthday! My flight was scheduled to depart from Boston Logan Airport at 1:30 am on December 19 and arrive Hong Kong International Airport at 6:00 am on December 20, but it was delayed due to crew rest time. The departure time for my flight was rescheduled to 3:40 am local time on December 19.

Review: British Airways Lounge

Then, I located the appropriate flight lounge (British Airways Lounge) so that I could wait for my flight. Finally, I showered, took and nap and prepared for my birthday party with the cabin crew.


After an hour of sleep, I went to the boarding gate and I was the first one in the business class queue for boarding of the plane.

My Business Class Seat

I sat on the business class section of the cabin, the flight attendant greeted to welcome me onboard for my birthday flight.

Today’s Flight

CX811 – Boston to Hong Kong


Cabin lights were dimmed prior to takeoff

Runway views at night

Takeoff video

After takeoff

Cabin lights are back on, then my birthday wish appeared on my in-flight entertainment screen on my seat.

In-flight dining

Our in-flight menu was distributed. I have different meal options to choose from:

What I ate during the flight

Meal CourseWhat I ate
SupperStir-fried chicken with black pepper, asparagus carrot, and steamed jasmine rice
SnacksShrimp wontons in noodle soup
Ice cream
Birthday cake (take home)
BreakfastFresh seasonal fruit
Stir-fried egg noodles, beef and choy sum

Sleep time!

I have flattened my seat.

Cabin lights were turned off for all passengers sleeping, most of the passengers were watching movies, playing games, etc.

Flight map

The plane crossing polar route towards Greenland.

A memorable birthday

The cabin crew presented me a birthday cake at the aircraft galley to make a birthday wish.

The cabin crew presented my birthday cake on my seat as well, along with my birthday card.

A Birthday Card on behalf of Cathay Pacific

I am very happy and excited that the cabin crew signed a birthday card for me as well.

I understand ‘Happy Birthday’ in other languages, such as Malay and Tagalog. (I used Google Translate to type in original language from my birthday card, then it automatically translates into English!) For example:

Maligayang Kaarawan! (Tagalog)

Selamat Hari Jadi! (Malay)

A Birthday Card from our CIP Staff and Peers

Flight map when my birthday cake was presented…

In-flight entertainment

I explored through all content of my flight, like Movies, Music, Games…

The flight was met at 38000 feet!

Cabin lights were back on for Breakfast

Looking outside the windows, at 38000 feet altitude

Almost there…

Mood lighting after breakfast was served

Safety card

Things to know on the flight.


We landed at 7:30 am local time in Hong Kong.

Landing video

After landing

After the flight

As the part of my big day on December 19, they took pictures with the flight captain and the cabin crew, as well as other passengers who had a birthday today as well. Today, I was the only passenger who had a birthday on this date.

After my birthday flight, I carried my birthday cake for my next flight, Bangkok. I am transferring my flight, not going to arrivals.


Flying with Cathay Pacific on my birthday was one of the most memorable things ever. My favorite part of my flight was when the cabin crew presented me a birthday cake and picture taking with flight captain and crew. I totally read my birthday cards signed by cabin crew, Julia, and other CIP Staff and peers to see what they wished for me. Altogether, it was a very memorable birthday flight with the cabin crew, as well as my birthday party with Hannah, together with Huddle with Julia. Overall, it was very fun and exciting!

My rating for this flight

Flight5.0 / 5
Food5.0 / 5
Service5.0 / 5
Staff / Crew5.0 / 5
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