Highest Bangkok (MahaNakhon Skywalk) -January 3, 2019
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Beginning of new year, we visited the tallest building in Bangkok, Thailand, as on January 3, 2019. We went there to see the amazing views of Bangkok, Thailand. The building was opened in 2016 with the total height of 314 meters or 1,030 feet named ‘King Power Mahanakhon’, but the observatory deck opened on November 2018, which was called ‘MahaNakhon Skywalk’. I researched that buying tickets online was cheaper than buying at attraction because they have promotional offers and we don’t need to come to the ticket counter, just go straight at the entrance.

We left home at 4:00 pm, the traffic between the home and the observatory deck was very good. As we arrived early, I asked the staff at the ticket counter and they said ‘You can go in right away, just show your ticket at the staff at the entrance’. The staff checked all of my tickets, then they took photos for the souvenir of my visit. After the photos, we passed through the corridor, which was filled with reflected ceiling lights while waiting for the elevator to the 74th floor. We went on the elevator, which was filled with video screens on the wall, it travels from ground level to the 74th floor in just 50 seconds, with the speed of about 1,600 feet per minute, which was equivalent to 8 meters per second or 480 meters per minute. I went to one of the fastest elevators before, which makes me feel exciting!

Then, the elevator has landed on the 74th floor in just 50 seconds. We took a sneak peek at the indoor observatory, with a height of 294 meters. There were interactive screens that we can view the history of Thailand. They can also look closer to the ground level, also with the telescope by inserting two coins. Since it was the New Year, we saw a Christmas tree at the observatory deck at 74th floor to celebrate Christmas and New Year. There was a vending machine that sells postcards and postbox while we were up at the observatory deck.

Next, we took an escalator up to the 75th floor, then before we go up to the rooftop deck by boarding the glass hydraulic elevator to 78th floor, the staff asked me to present all my tickets. In the rooftop with a height of 310 meters, there was a glass tray, which people can look down the bottom. People can have drinks to enjoy while we are at the rooftop.  Since my mum and I have perfect cameras, as a part of a freelance photographer to take pictures of daytime, sunset, and night views of Bangkok. I went on the glass tray and looked down to the street level in Bangkok since I am not scared of heights, I feel safe about that. Most people climbed up four more meters to the highest viewing point, with a height of 314 meters. Between that, there was a seating area to allow visitors to relax and enjoy the views of Bangkok. I took several 360-degree pictures, but it was perfect! Two hours later, we took selfies of night view before we go down to the ground level. We took the elevator again, to exit at 4th floor in just 45 seconds, with the same speed, typically ears are popping when riding the fastest elevator. After that, I picked up photos that we took earlier as we got through the entrance. It was awesome with different scenes. We visited the duty-free shop to buy three postcards for Julia, Julie, and Judy to write for decorating my room. I also bought magnets for my room decoration after visiting the observation deck.

In conclusion, I have enjoyed visiting the observatory deck in Bangkok, Thailand. Which makes me memorable things, since I love buildings in the art from my previous school. My cherry for this visit was looking down the glass tray through the street level from the 78th floor, taking pictures from the rooftop, and traveling with the fastest elevator. My pit for this visit was elevators crowded during the evening, but I got in and stand at the middle of the elevator to watch floor numbering and speed. Overall, my visit to the observatory deck in Bangkok was very amazing and tremendous!

By: Supakrit Ngamdeevilaisak (visited January 2019)

The Lobby

Indoor Observatory

Outdoor Observatory

Glass Tray Experience

Sunset and Night Views

Going back to lobby

Elevator videos

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